About Us


SATGIN Company is an enterprise includes development, production and sales. We have different kinds of high-grade ceramics and blown glasses. What started in SATGIN, Iran, today celebrates generations of essential objects that are made to enrich people’s everyday lives. We believe objects should be distinctive, combinable and multi-functional, with lasting design that inspires individual use and expression.

The roots of SATGIN date back to September 2003 when a family holiday trip substantiated a business idea and a dream was reified to come true from a city, named Meybod in center of Iran to develop, produce, and sell home décor products. In its early years SATGIN focused on blown, fused, polished, and painted glass according to popular models.

Since then, SATGIN high-grade ceramics was decorated with a variety of shapes. SATGIN is one of leading companies in Iran for decorative teal glaze ceramics sets and adhere to the principle of “Quality the first, integrity the first”. Our products are popular for its high quality and novel design, and they enjoy a good reputation among the customers both domestic and abroad.

As a company based in Iran, where quality, aesthetics and functionality are important values, SATGIN believes in interior design that lasts a lifetime. We don’t just create beautiful objects. We believe in timeless design that will never be thrown away.

Founders and Directors